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Pricing Information


Every wedding is unique and crafted to suit each client's style and budget. Therefore, no two events have the same price tag. 




On average, our clients will spend $625+ on bridal party flowers. This includes the bridal bouquet, attendant bouquets, groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, corsages and flower girl arrangements.


For those looking for full-service wedding design, the average spent is $1,950+. In addition to bridal party flowers, the full-service design includes ceremony and reception flowers. 






On Holiday weekends, we have a minimum of $2,000. This may be applied to floral design, rentals, or event planning. Holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial and Labor Day weekends.


For other events such as showers, engagement parties, and rehearsals, Our Holiday weekend minimum is $400. 


There is no minimum outside of Holiday weekends.



Delivery and Set up Fees


A One- Time delivery is complimentary within 10 miles of our base in Wixom, MI (48393).  For events occurring outside of the 10-mile limit, but within 20 miles, or for clients wishing for more than one delivery location, there will be a fee of $85 on non-holiday weekends and a fee of $95 on holiday weekends. For deliveries outside of 20 miles from our base in Wixom, there will be a fee of $125 on non holiday weekends, and $135 on holiday weekends. For more information regarding holiday weekends, see above. 


Set up fees range from 15-25% of the total floral order, depending upon the complexity of the arrangements. Set up is generally optional, although it may be highly encouraged or required for larger, more complex installations. 




General Pricing Information


Listed below is, on average, what our clients generally pay per arrangement. It is important to keep in mind that every event is different and your quote may fall above or below these averages depending on the flowers and designs you choose. 


Bridal Bouquets (hand-tied) $125+

Hand-tied bouquets generally have a more relaxed feel. Typically, the stems are secured around the middle with ribbon, leaving the ends exposed for a garden vibe. 


Bridal Bouquets (cascade) $160+

Cascade bouquets tend to be more formal than a hand-tied arrangement. The arrangement earns it name from the way the flowers appear to cascade down towards the earth. 


Adult Flower Crowns $55+

Pricing for crowns varies depending upon blooms and greens used. 


Child Flower Crowns $40+

Not recommended for children under the age of 4


Floral Hair Clips $15+


Pin-On Corsages $17+

These corsages are pinned onto the wearers left side. These corsages are not recommended for ladies who are planning on wearing strapless or spaghetti sleeve outfits.


Wrist Corsages $20+

Worn on either the right or left wrist


Attendant Bouquets $35+

Most commonly given to bridesmaids, however, mothers of the bride and groom may opt to carry a bouquet instead of wearing a corsage. 


Ceremony Arrangements $125+

Vase or free-standing arrangements that are typically placed on either side of the altar. 


Pew/Chair Decor $12+

Flowers and/or bows that adorn the chairs facing the aisle.


Chuppah/Arch/Gazebo Arrangements $250+


Aisle Petals $150+

Aisle petals may be placed on either side of the aisle, in a pattern, or they may be used as an aisle runner. 


Short Centerpieces $35+

Short centerpieces are classified as any arrangement below 12''


Medium Height Centerpieces $55+

Medium height centerpieces are classified as any arrangement above 12'' but below 20''


Tall Centerpieces $135+

Tall centerpieces are classified as arrangements 24'' or above


Cake Boutonnieres $15+

Clusters of blooms that rest on 2 or more cake tiers. 


Fresh Flower Cake Toppers $40+

Blooms to adorn the top of your cake. 


Cascading Cake Decorations $95+

Blooms that cascade from the top tier to the bottom tier. 


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